Students who have graduated from Joseph A. Gregori and moved on to colleges and universities across the nation have learned important lessons about the college admissions process that can easily be passed on to current Gregori students. This program is offered as a resource for students to connect with like-minded scholars of common backgrounds to present college as an option for all Gregori students.

This program serves as a bridge in education by offering a forum to ask questions about college. We offer a platform for information and create and facilitate mentorship relationships and networking opportunities for high school students and graduates. 

The goal of RISE is to increase the confidence of high school students in transitioning to colleges. We link Gregori alumni with current Gregori students to provide reliable and firsthand knowledge on college, that comes from students who have had similar experiences and opportunities at Gregori High School. 

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The Leadership Team

Our leadership team is composed of both Gregori graduates and current Gregori high school students. When RISE was founded, our high school students were in the middle of the college application process and search, feeling overwhelmed and confused. At the same time, our graduates were learning how to navigate their universities and reflecting on their journey. They began to share their experiences and realized they both had so much to learn from one another. RISE was founded to expand upon that realization, in the hopes of helping all students who have passed through the halls at Gregori High School. 




Kailani graduated from Gregori in 2014. Throughout her high school experience, she was heavily involved in campus activities including Future Business Leaders of America, the Varsity tennis team, and more, and served as Associated Student Body President during her senior year.

She is currently a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Sociology at UC Berkeley. She founded RISE after reflecting on her own transition from Gregori to UC Berkeley, with the goal of improving the experiences of future Gregori graduates.  

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Alyssa is a current senior at Gregori High School. She founded Project Change, a club that addresses global social justice issues, and is also active in Leadership, Key Club, Varsity tennis, and more. 

As a current high school senior who is preparing for the transition to college, Alyssa understands the value of accessing information and resources. She is dedicated to providing the services of RISE to her fellow students at Gregori and hopes that RISE becomes a foundational program at Gregori that can help students who are facing similar challenges.